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About Us

Granola Snacks is a company comprised of individuals who love to eat, listen to music, and are huge OSU Buckeye fans. We think having a business should be a ton of fun and that's pretty much our first vocational rule.

We are simply what our  name says we are.  We believe Granola Snacks should come in delicious crunchewy chunks that are broken by hand and tasted a lot before they are bagged. 

We find that most ingredients are better when special ordered from places like A Bushel and a Peck, The Spice Rack and Blue Turtle Tea and Spice Company.  Like us, they carefully plan each individual food purchase. We'll always buy local when we can.

We recycle. We give back.

We promise to use only the finest ingredients and sometimes that means making it ourselves (such as our home made Caramel) or grinding it fresh.  We tediously research each food element until we find the absolute purest and most natural that is available.

We take the advice of experts like Mark Dodds- Head Chef of Easy Street Catering and Jan from Java Jan's. Even though we may not know it all, we listen to people who do.

We love to see people's reactions when they taste our Granola Snacks. Each happy food dance, "Oh my goodness!" and "This is freaking awesome!" matters to us. Our Production Manager, Kate's policy is that every thing we sell is a bag full of "Wow!"s. 

Granola Snacks is innovative. We love designing incredible new flavors and strive to be not only better, but different. Admittedly, Carrot Cake, Buckeye, Hound Dog Mint, or Candy Cane Granola Snacks is pretty adventurous. It's all a part of our 'let's have fun' philosophy.

We are particularly proud of our Face Book page. Our Marketing Director, Randy makes sure our posts are amusing, entertaining, inspiring and informative.  We have free give aways every week. We see each new person who joins and we read every post.

We love our Granola Snacks friends, we love what we do and we do what we love.

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